Update 2022-10-10

As part of my current class work, I created a trailer for this game. While doing so, I also updated The Climb in a few minor ways.


  • Added 2D lighting effects and additional particles.
  • Added two additional levels.
  • Removed score display from within level (I just prefer the way the game looks without it constantly present).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause tetrominoes to behave strangely when near the floor of the level.

I have kept the original version of the game that I made for an earlier class available, tagged as "Original GIMM 110 Version".


MacOS 38 MB
Version 2 Oct 10, 2022
Linux 28 MB
Version 2 Oct 10, 2022
Windows 28 MB
Version 2 Oct 10, 2022

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